This Thanksgiving, my family will gather in Huntsville, TX at our family log cabin. Aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and dogs from Dallas, Austin and Houston will come. Thirty-seven this year! The cowbell will ring at noon and a feast will be eaten. Afterwards games and skeet shooting will take place. This log cabin has a special place in our hearts. We have been gathering here since my 16 year old was an infant. Older generations who are no longer around smile down from heaven. New memories will be made with the youngest cousins.
Our family craves the open air and stillness around the cabin. Every other year, my parents graciously host this wonderful tradition. It’s our one time of the year to pause the outside world and focus on being together as an extended family.  We share stories, laugh a lot, shoot skeet, and catch up for the year.  The cooking is always good!  Usually, my husband fries a turkey, my mom get a ham, and everyone brings a dish to share.
This year, a new tradition may begin. Bowling the night before! Grandparents are searching for their bowling balls and getting ready for Wednesday night. My kids can’t wait to watching my father and mother-in-law compete against each other. The anticipation is building daily!
Wishing your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!