In our household,  January means the end of a fun Christmas season and back to a routine! No one likes that! I crave a routine. After three weeks of my kids being out of school and eating lots of sweets, I crave the quiet.  Cleaning out closets and putting away Christmas is the first thing I do in January. It makes me feel like I’m bringing order to the household.
Winter is a chance for me to catch my breath and think about the kind of year I want to have. My goal this year is to simplify. I want to add more peace to my day. As a busy mom and business owner, I’m always thinking about the next thing on the to do list. This makes me feel like a hamster on a hamster wheel.  Something is always going on the list and something is always coming off. Finding daily quiet time even for 10 minutes makes me peaceful and happier to be around by the end of the day.
Learning to say no to upcoming volunteer positions has been a tough one for me.  I love people!  Yet,  it’s not always the best time for my family for me to take on some of the opportunities that come my way.  These commitments can take away from family time on the week nights and weekends.   I now choose only one commitment that I’m truly passionate about.  
Winter is also a time for me to catch up on things that bring me great joy.  Reading at bedtime and working out several mornings a week are on top of this list. Something else I’m passionate about right now is creating some new pieces for you. Several new earrings and bracelets are coming out this spring in color variations. Over the next few weeks, they will slowly be released on the website.  
These awesome gold hoops are available now.  Click here to link to them!
I hope you will join me in thinking about ways to simplify this year. If you have any suggestions on how to simplify, please reach out to me- Spring is almost here!