There’s nothing better than a truly awesome pair of earrings. Unless it’s, perhaps, a NEW pair of truly awesome earrings.

But what happens when your ears are a little… tired. Or sore. Or over 25?

Enter Molly’s Tried and True Ways to Wear Fabulous Earrings No Matter What.

No I’m quite serious.

Now let’s be honest. After a certain point, we just don’t want to wear heavy earrings. Gorgeous as they are, our lobes are TIRED. And possibly a little stretched. (I won’t tell if you don’t!)

So here’s my top three favorite ways to wear fabulous earrings!


Number 1! Choose lighter-than-air wire earrings like our best selling Josephine.Why? Because our Josephine earrings are so light you may forget you’re wearing them.

Celtic Knot Josephine Earrings in Silver and Gold by MK Designs

Number 2! Choose ultra lightweight solid post tops to discretely cover semi stretched lobes. Like our luscious hammered bronze posts!

Number 3! Have me add our super comfy extra wide post backs seen below on our Pearl Flower Drop Earrings to your next order. I’m telling you, it’s like comfy cushions for your ears. Happy Ears means Fabulous Earrings.

Pearl Flower Drop Earrings by MK Designs

Pearl Flower Drop Earrings by MK Designs