Are you one to wear your “go to” earrings and necklace daily because you know it will work?

Morning Routine

Perhaps your morning routine goes something like this:

1) Get dressed in a hurry
2) Then pick out your accessories
Or, do you like to accessorize?   Perhaps you’re morning routine then goes like this:
1) Pick out your accessories
2) Then get dressed

New Attitude

This past week, I decided to change it up a bit and wear a new leather necklace that I had created recently.  Yet, I didn’t know what to wear with it.  Lately, the weather and my mood have determined my outift.  I needed to get out of this mindset!  The night before, I checked the forecast. Then, I picked out a top that would compliment this long leather necklace.   First, I looked at colors that could work. I picked complimentary and contrasting colors that would make this necklace pop.   Then, I focused on an appropriate neckline to compliment this necklace.   On this occasion, I found three tops that would work.   Then, I looked for a pair of pants, a skirt and shoes.   Because of this one simple change to my daily routine, I was able to create new outifts in my wardrobe instantly.  I could now see all sorts of possibilities that I could create with my existing wardrobe pieces.  This process also helped me figure out what colors and necklines to look out for next time I went shopping. All my clothes had new meaning and I got to wear this fun new leather necklace. All day long I had a boost of confidence and a spring to my step due to this one simple act.
I hope this guide (courtesy of helps you come up with your own necklace and neckline creations! Please send me a comment and let me how you did!