Thoughts of Motherhood

The emotional bonds of women who support each other,
Are like roots of a tree, strong and unbreakable,
They hold each other up, through every hardship and bother,
And uplift one another, making each other capable.

In times of joy, they celebrate together,
And in times of sorrow, they grieve together,
They share their hearts, their hopes, and their fears,
And in each other’s company, they find comfort and cheers.

Their bond is not just a simple connection,
But a deep understanding that comes from within,
A feeling of belonging and affection,
That makes their friendship stand out and win.

Through life’s twists and turns, they stay by each other’s side,
Lending an ear, a shoulder, or a hand to hold,
And in moments of doubt or confusion, they provide,
Words of encouragement that are heartfelt and bold.

For the emotional bonds of women who support each other,
Are more than just friendship, they are a sisterhood,
A network of love that’s like no other,
And a source of strength that always does good.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful time together this Mother’s Day.