What Began as a Childhood Hobby

Construction paper, scissors and photos . My passion as a young child was creating scrapbooks. The artistic eye of putting a scrapbook together intrigued me.  This same artistic eye is what led me to begin MK Designs 12 years ago.
In the summer of 1988, I created the coolest scrapbook! This wasn’t any ordinary scrapbook. I took great care and pride creating the cover and the insides. The cover created from a Walgreen’s 3 ring binder photo album, quilt padding, and a white cotton cloth. Hand-splattered crimson-red and navy blue craft paint adorned the white cotton cloth cover.
This photo album held all my precious memories of camp that summer. This camp was no ordinary camp. It was an all girl camp where I developed some of my best friendships to this day. Pictures, wisdom quotes, scribbled with inspirational words, adorned the pages inside.
I created more elaborate scrapbooks of my life journeys. including journaling about the experience I was pulling together.    Each collection of pictures had something written about it.   A funny quote from the trip or what really happened behind the scenes were some of the common themes.   I knew then I enjoyed the art of putting a look together and creating a story behind the look.

In The Beginning

A friend of mine showed me how to wire wrap 12 years ago and I was immediately hooked! I have always been a jewelry fanatic who gets tired of my jewelry. I love to mix pieces around and create a new look. Knowing how to wire wrap allowed me to now create my own looks with jewelry. Now my basic wardrobe had a new look to it.
Creating MK Designs is important. I love helping women solve their jewelry needs and learn the art of accessorizing. I have perfected the skill of wire wrapping and have learned how to working with bronze and bronze clay. Many of my bronze component designs have unique textures. Attention to detail goes into each piece. Creating jewelry that coordinates effortlessly with a basic wardrobe is important. Wear these pieces to give your wardrobe a dressy or casual look depending on the events of the day.