We all have it and if you’re like me, you always want more! Why is that? Maybe it’s because I feel my best when wearing some handmade jewelry with all my outfits. Jewelry is the icing on the cake! The Ying to the Yang for any outfit. Jewelry can make you go from boring to fabulous instantly. It makes you feel good about yourself! Who doesn’t want more of that? Think about it: When was the last time you got dressed to run errands and made an effort to look pulled together? Most mornings, (except the ones where I work out first thing), I pick something to wear that day. I do my hair, add some makeup and style my outfit for the day with jewelry. This simple routine to my morning makes me feel great and happy to take on the day. I also find I get more done throughout the day if I know I look my best.

I get a thrill from styling outfits with jewelry- instant gratification! If I’m wearing a relaxed fit top, then I’ll wear a long necklace, a dangle earring, and a bracelet of some sort. Have you ever tried wearing a cool short beaded necklace with a v-neck t-shirt? You have got to try this! Check out the Stacked Star Swarovski Bracelets, the Bronze Sun Stud Earrings and the Bronze Crystal Celestial Necklace that are also in the Celestial Collection.

Early Training

Jewelry was impressed upon me from my mother and grandmothers. As a young teen, my grandmothers would both bring me pieces of jewelry from their overseas travels. One of them brought me a beautiful silver Indian pendant to wear on a silver choker. I may have worn that pendant a time or two, but quickly put it away to wear later. None of my friends wore such things and being a teenager I wanted to dress like them! Ten years later, I wore it to work in my early 20’s. I received so many compliments on it. These compliments gave me the courage to wear other unique pieces given to me years earlier. These pieces were classic in style, but not what anyone else wearing. I became hooked on the charm of individual style and not going with the crowd. 

Birth of a Maker

When a friend showed me how to wire wrap years ago, I was immediately hooked! Creating something that wasn’t there before and taking bits and pieces and weave them into a unique work of art had me. I love to mix pieces around and create a new look. Knowing how to create my own jewelry pieces allowed me to create my own style with jewelry. Now my basic wardrobe had a new look to it.

MK Designs is My Baby.

 I love helping women solve their jewelry needs and learn the art of accessorizing. I have perfected the skill of wire wrapping and have learned how to work with bronze and bronze clay. Attention to detail goes into each piece. Creating jewelry that coordinates effortlessly with a basic wardrobe is my calling. I’d love to help you select the perfect pieces to give your wardrobe a dressy or casual look whatever your event may be.